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 New York city Escorts As I get older, my appreciation for views and perspectives of men like Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson grows. Over time, the wisdom of those who founded our nation is being diluted by the current attempt of revisionist history writing. I’m a firm believer in many things. Three of them happen to be “The Constitution of the United States”, the middle class, and small business. Eighty percent of the employers in America are small businessmen like you; the ones who put blood, sweat, and tears into a dream or vision of what you seek to accomplish. For men, it’s the closest we’ll ever come to bearing a child from our loins. Think about the day you have the dream and begin to take action to make it happen; that would be conception. Then there are the long, uncomfortable months of doing what you can to get capital, equipment or whatever is required to bring it to fruition. Although you set a date of when the doors will open, like a baby, a business has it’s grand opening when it’s ready; birth.

Our businesses, our careers, are like having a child. When it prospers, we feel like a good parent. When it struggles or fights for its very life, we feel like failures. It’s bad enough many of us have the duties and obligations of our lives, families, and in some cases, businesses. Is it any wonder why so many are in need of what we do?

The Dreams client is quintessential middle to upper class businessman or woman; the backbone of the amalgamation called America. Our politicians may have forgotten this simple fact: it is you who contribute, build, add, and create jobs. The Dreams client is the professional who knows how to take A and mix it with B to create C which, in turn, makes your business or career possible. A mentor once told me, “In life you have adders, subtractors, multipliers, and dividers”.

I have observed a significant number of people who are attracted to our industry, clients and providers alike, tend to be like politicians; subtractors or dividers.

Subtractors aren’t intentionally negative but, they aren’t committed to making other people’s lives better. They are predominately focused on themselves. Consequently, by default, they are a subtractor because they are too consumed with their own needs, wants, and insecurities to care about others.

Dividers increase negativity in other people’s lives. It’s recommended to avoid dividers altogether because they create unnecessary drama and are detriments to not only our own, but the world’s success.

On our website it clearly states we turn down about 60% of the people who want to do business with us.